It is mealtime. Eat starch or nutrients today?

Lian Cheng’s new concept on vegetable foods:【Drinking rice noodle soup must have side dishes.】

If you need both satiation and slimmer, do you need nutrients or starch?

We offer a variety of healthy and delicious foods to satisfy gourmets who are dainty eaters and new taste lovers.

Don’t be afraid of absorbing a large amount of starch. By means of having many different small dishes,you can feel full and delicate from eating.

Even if you don’t want to eat rice noodle soup, there are a variety of delicious meals for your selection.

【 Our vegetable foods: pure vegetables without egg or alcohol】

The minced vegetable meat sauce, fried bean sauce, crispy dried laver, vegetable rolls, red pepper, etc.

used in this store are elaborately made by ourselves, not come from vegetable food market.


Vegetable Rolls and Dried Plum Noodles

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Lian Cheng Vegetable Foods: vegetable rolls/braised bean curd/Taipei rice noodle soup